I didn't pass. I mean, I did, sort of, but not totally. I passed the MBE and failed FL. I'm trying again for the 5th time this July.

At this point, its whatever. That was...a month ago? I don't know. I've accepted and moved on.

I had grandiose plans to spill my heart all over this blog about introspection and what not, but that's all gone now.

I got a part time job at a grocery store a couple days a week while I study (WOOOO $9 AN HOURRRRR). I should start next week. I'm still working at the monogram shop too, slapping monograms all over everything I own.

In other news, I've lost like 10 pounds since Easter. That rocks. About a week ago I bought a $10 pair of jeans at the Loft. While that alone is awesome, it was in a size I'm pretty sure I've never been. It felt amazing and still feel amazing when I put them on. Now that I've got a smidge of weight off, I'm hoping to get back to running.

Husband is taking summer classes, one being Spanish. I knew some Spanish once, so its fun relearning it with him. We have little conversations about colors and classmates and family members and traveling.

Also, in case you live on Mars, its the NBA playoffs. While I'm a lil sad that the Mavs aren't in it this year, I'm all about ABH now--Anybody But the Heat. There's just something about LeBron James that deserves a face punch. Plus, can we just all agree that Dwyane Wade has a misspelled name? Yes? Ok, thank you.


Jackie said...

Congrats on passing the MBE! That's an accomplishment and you should be proud of it. Seriously. One thing down and one to go, right? I'm glad that you are feeling okay about it all. Lately, I've come to accept the way things are, you know? I read some somewhat corny self-help books ("Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Dr. Richard Carlson and "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne) and I'm in a good place. I recommend those books, btw. Do me a favor, take Florida bar again as you have planned, pass it, and be happy. Take care and thank you for sharing.

Tree Hugging (Almost) Attorney said...

It's lame you have to go through bar torture again.
Really lame.
But at least it's only 1/2 the stuff.
Congrats on the weight loss. I'm currently trying to get some motivation...

Jane said...

Congrats on the weightloss! I know that is a wonderful feeling! And hey - I hear you've got some awesome running socks to help you pick up the sport again. :)

Brittany said...

Congrats on those jeans! (The size and the price!) :)