i burned my boobs.

Yep. You read that right.

I burned my boobs.

Yesterday I went to the gun range with BC and some peeps I work with and their significant others. I have never been to a gun range before. I was not prepared for the noise. I was also not prepared for the guy next to me to be shooting a .45 inside my ear drum. I got overwhelmed. Luckily one of the other attorney's husband who is in the Air Force, pretty much stayed with me and BC and walked us through everything we needed to know. Since all we had was someone's extra 9mm to use, he went and rented us a .22 and bought the bullets. I had finally started to get a grip by this time and started to feel better. For those who are unaware, semiautomatic guns have shells that pop out the top when you shoot them. They tend to pop out in random directions, and can hit you all over the place.

I think you know where I'm going.

Of course, one of my very first shells popped out and went down my shirt. I happened to be wearing a tank top underneath, and so of course it got caught. I started jumping around like crazy because, well, it was like 10000 degrees. I looked at it later that night, and there was a well defined burned place in my skin. The shape of a bullet shell.

I've been branded.

In other news, my birthday was Wednesday! Woohoo!!! BC and I went and had dinner and made a few stops in some fun beach towns. My parents took us to dinner tonight and they sent me flowers at work. Which I LOVE. P.S. people totally get jealous about stuff like that too. I was surprised.

BC started back to school on Wednesday too. He is so smart and is plugging away. I'm so proud of him. I'm sitting here while he's working and he's figuring things out and I think its just fantastic. I'm a little jealous. The work he's doing--it has a right answer. There is truth in math-ish stuff. You can get a right answer. And it makes you feel smart. I don't always feel smart at my job. I want to go back to math. I was am a math nerd.


tough day.

Had a tough day at work today. I'm learning about people, and realizing that it is in no way unclear that I am the new person. Read some of my devotional books this morning, and have been feeling a lot of "in this world, not of it" lessons swirling around.

I am a big proponent of journals, blogs, whatever. I kept a journal while I was in undergrad, and went back and read some of it last night. I was SO obsessed with finding a guy and getting married. But, at that moment, I was surrounded with it and everyone I knew was running down the aisle. (I have a secret assumption that was so they could all hurry up and have sex, but that is another story for another day.) Anyways, it was really fascinating to read how what I wanted in a future husband began to be seriously shaped during that time. What I wanted continued to be shaped by future bad relationships, but it was really kicked into high gear during undergrad. I think when BC came along I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted. I had to get to the point where I was like--I want a guy like this, nothing less. I also wrote a lot about wanting to be used by the Lord as salt wherever I went. Well......looks like He answered that! The weirdest thing to read was where I had my life epiphany, and decided I was giving up on one direction educationally and going a different direction. This was a very stressful time. Lots of floundering around. So pretty crazy to read what I wrote while I was in the middle of it.

Went to the gym this morning. The gym at 5 am sucks. Why in the WORLD do all those old people get up that early when they don't have anything to do all day anyway?


Watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. LOVE this movie. For some reason it is one of those movies I just put on and go about my business. Every time I watch it I laugh. This is the first time I've watched it where the proposal scene brought about a different feeling. Not--dang, why am I single. But--I know the feeling honey! I just love BC and can't wait to marry him!

This brings me to another point. I freaking hate wedding planning. Seriously, if it wasn't for our parents and wanting to have pictures (and I want the stupid white dress) we would seriously just go to the courthouse. I work with someone who did that. She and her husband got married and then a month later they got "married" again. I don't think anyone knows about the first one. That's awesome.

Wedding planning update: we have a photographer. That's it. We're getting married November 20th. Yeah, I know. I have a planner/coordinator, so that's a plus. Apparently she is in high demand and a girl that is getting married at my church THE WEEKEND BEFORE ME AFTER WE HAVE HAD OUR WEDDING PLANNED FOREVER ON NOVEMBER 20TH AND SHE IS STEALING MY VENDORS AND TELLING ME ABOUT THEM LIKE ITS SOME BIG DISCOVERY (ugh don't get me started) tried to get this girl to coordinate and she said she was too busy! Score one for SJ and BC!! We're meeting with a florist/decorator at the end of this week. We need: invitations, cakes, food, decorations, and I need a dress. Oh yeah, that white thing.

Since its been a while and I have new friends, I shall post things that we like and would like to copy for our own wedding:

Here's the reception location. Location of the Junior League. OF COURSE. 
Don't have a picture of the church.

We LOVE LOVE this cake. My colors are navy and lime-ish green. (Yes, I am getting married in November, I don't care. And yes, I realize everyone on the planet has used those two colors this year. I picked them FIRST.) So, imagine the black as navy and the pink as lime-ish. And minus the weirdness at the top.

BC wants a guitar cake. I think that would be awesome. We just have to find someone to make one that won't be sucky looking.

Something like this for the flowers. Although I am obsessed with hydrangeas. So there will probably be some green ones in there. All white bouquet for me. All green bouquet for the Jr. Bmaid.

And that's about it for pictures. I'm already exhausted from thinking about all this again today.

I'm also trying to clean over the next couple of days because I don't want BC to come home and think that he is marrying a slob. Although he kinda is. But I think he knows that. Reason # 485029458392 I'm marrying him: last week while I worked and he was home before his classes started, he CLEANED THE KITCHEN!! Yes, you read that correctly. He cleaned the kitchen. When other girls around me complain about their guys, I like to mention my man cleans VOLUNTARILY. I like to win games, including the game of conversation. Can you tell?


Instead of cleaning...

Goodness people, work weeks are LONG. Saturdays are SHORT. What's up with that?!

Work is tough! It makes me tired.

You say: Boooo, oh poor SJ.

I say: I know, right! Thanks for understanding!

But seriously. I am very fortunate and blessed to have found this job. I thank God all the time for this job.

Tons of things happen that I would love to share. Sometimes funny things, sometimes sad things, and sometimes just weird stuff people say that seriously, needs to be shared. But for now, those things will stay locked up in my head. Maybe I'll write it all down and after I die it can be read at my funeral.

In other news, yours truly turns the big 2-5 on Wednesday!! woohoo! I think! Unfortunately, we are on wedding diet right now. That means mayyyyyybe BC and I can split a cupcake. Maybe. Also, wedding diet SUCKS. I freaking HATE counting calories. HATE IT. I also HATE stepping on the scale and seeing that I gained weight over a day I tried to be really careful. I HATE that I am going to have to start back to the gym if I want to see any results. I HATE that this means I will have to get up at 5am now. I HATE that I can't just veg out and eat whatever I want to anymore. I HATE that the only chocolate I can eat comes either covered on a raisin or in a 100 calorie pack.

However, I am really hoping that our hard work will lead to ballin' wedding pics. We just hired our wedding photographer, and I am SUPER excited. She is really nice, and I think she does great work. We don't have a ton of money to work with for the wedding but we want to work with quality people, so that means we will have a very minimalistic theme. But that works with us more anyways.

Also, I went to a gun show with my dad today since BC is out of town! It was awesome. I think I was one of like 5 girls there, and might have been the only one not totally butch, wearing camo, or complete trailer trash. I'm thinking about getting a concealed weapons permit, but I want to practice a lot before I do all that. I want to be prepared for anything!

Yesterday I bought the book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or something like that. I started reading it at the pool. I'm on page, like, 4 and I think I'm going to return it. I seriously can't find any good books to read. Maybe I'll just stick to the US Magazine.



People. It finally happened.

I woke up from a post-Bar exam nightmare.

I found out everyone I knew, even the dummies, passed the Bar. And not me. And for some reason, "fails" were worth 10 points and I had twenty points from failing both days. Boo.

In my dream I was balled up sobbing in a corner. I woke up crying. It was weird.

Also, I work with a Rashida Jones look-a-like.

Finally, my blog friend, The Faux Trixie, wrote up what she would do with all her blog friends if they were her real-life friends. I felt cool. Like I was part of a middle school clique. I like it.

So I say: blogfriends--come on down to the beach! Life is good! :)



Warning: long.

I have been MIA in my lil corner of the bloggy world.

I am tired.

Work is long and hard.

(that's what she said.)

Anyways, all jokes aside....I am not cut out for a 8-5 job. I am better suited for a 1-3 job. Or maybe just a lunch break.

Today was only day 3 back at work, and I must say, I have really enjoyed it.  This is the job I totally wanted, and I'm loving the opportunity they have given me.

My biggest assignment in life at the moment is mostly fielding statements of "Oh goodness SJ, you are just so dang smart, I just can't imagine you wouldn't pass the bar exam!" and "Oh honey you will do just fine, you are so smart!" Ugh. Get off my back. When I fail, I'm going to request you to be the person to talk me down off the bridge to the beach.

This morning was mostly routine I suppose, besides the abnormally long time it took to finish the over 100 people on the docket. After lunch, however was a different story. We spent a lot of time this afternoon sorting out a situation that I can only describe as a sad domestic situation. Many attorneys address them in different ways....some are super hard on people in domestic situations and some are more lenient and will not push someone who wants to drop charges. This situation this afternoon was different though. After speaking with the victim, the other two attorneys left the room to get some background work done and I sat with the victim. As the person cried, I listened and tried to offer a few words of comfort. It was at that moment I realized my job is so much more than offering pleas, signing papers, arguing before a judge, whatever. In my section of the legal world, I am pursuing justice and making sure the law is enforced equally. That is HUGE! I know it takes some time to figure out how people operate...when they are just pulling your leg, when they won't take your advice, when they are just going to go do "it" again, etc. But I think during my time in law school I gained a great deal of discernment regarding how people really operate. I also think its really REALLY easy to get lost in the job....day after day, same old types of crimes, offers, pleas, cases, etc. But this is peoples lives and we are tasked with the responsibility of making sure the law is obeyed, punishments are exacted, and people learn their lessons.

Anyways, that is super dreamy and flowery, but I am going to try my best not to lose that view. Yeah its real easy to get cynical in this job. But I'm going to try not to.

Also, wedding diet started this week. I'm snarky and mean.