i burned my boobs.

Yep. You read that right.

I burned my boobs.

Yesterday I went to the gun range with BC and some peeps I work with and their significant others. I have never been to a gun range before. I was not prepared for the noise. I was also not prepared for the guy next to me to be shooting a .45 inside my ear drum. I got overwhelmed. Luckily one of the other attorney's husband who is in the Air Force, pretty much stayed with me and BC and walked us through everything we needed to know. Since all we had was someone's extra 9mm to use, he went and rented us a .22 and bought the bullets. I had finally started to get a grip by this time and started to feel better. For those who are unaware, semiautomatic guns have shells that pop out the top when you shoot them. They tend to pop out in random directions, and can hit you all over the place.

I think you know where I'm going.

Of course, one of my very first shells popped out and went down my shirt. I happened to be wearing a tank top underneath, and so of course it got caught. I started jumping around like crazy because, well, it was like 10000 degrees. I looked at it later that night, and there was a well defined burned place in my skin. The shape of a bullet shell.

I've been branded.

In other news, my birthday was Wednesday! Woohoo!!! BC and I went and had dinner and made a few stops in some fun beach towns. My parents took us to dinner tonight and they sent me flowers at work. Which I LOVE. P.S. people totally get jealous about stuff like that too. I was surprised.

BC started back to school on Wednesday too. He is so smart and is plugging away. I'm so proud of him. I'm sitting here while he's working and he's figuring things out and I think its just fantastic. I'm a little jealous. The work he's doing--it has a right answer. There is truth in math-ish stuff. You can get a right answer. And it makes you feel smart. I don't always feel smart at my job. I want to go back to math. I was am a math nerd.

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