Takin' in the sunshine!

Got to lay outside today for a couple hours!! It was wonderful!! And I now I have a nice base tan to prove it!! :)



I HAVE to promote LiveStrong. More specifically, MyPlate on the LiveStrong website. This thing helps you track how much you eat each day, and tell you how much you should be eating based on a bunch of factors.

Here's how it works:

  • Enter in your height, weight, age, and how much you want to lose/gain each week, up to 2 pounds each way.
  • Enter in your current weight into the weight tracker graph
  • Enter how active you are each day, not including working out
And that's pretty much it! The website gives you a set calorie amount to follow each day. You can search for the food that you eat and specify what time of the day you ate it. It automatically deducts it all for you.

This is a great website, because its tough to track all that on your own. Plus, even if you don't go over on, say, calories for the day, you may be going over on sodium, and the website will show you that. I totally attribute part of my success to this website! Some days are tough, i.e. you have 600 calories left for dinner, but you REALLY want to go to Chili's and eat a cheeseburger and a Molten Lava Cake for dessert, but it gets easier. PLUS, cheat days are always necessary or else you will go insane.

Also, you lose weight in weird places. For me...my feet and my fingers. I'm about to have to get my ring resized for the second time!

Breakdowns and Silver Linings

Sometimes we have breakdowns. I had one yesterday. Topics: the car (and the lack thereof), possibly having to pay for bar review after thinking I would get it free, finishing my bar app and the $900 that goes with it, no job, possibly not being able to get a job for a WHILE, getting married this year, having no money with tens of thousands of student loans, finals, moving out, etc. Everywhere I looked I saw dollar signs, and the future was overwhelming me. Plus, it was my fiance's birthday and I failed miserably to celebrate it appropriately. Not a good morning.

BC called, and we prayed. Prayer changes everything! 

My dad called me and told me he totaled the car. Its gone. I feel like its that older relative your parents won't let you see before they die. I haven't seen my car since the wreck. It will be far away in some junkyard when I go to FL this weekend. Silver Lining: We were offered an exorbitant amount for my car, and it allowed us to be able to easily purchase another one! What an answered prayer! 

And I realized today: I am so blessed! Two verses come to mind:
Philippians 4:6--Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Love this verse. It is the hardest thing to do, to offer up your concerns and thanksgiving in prayer, instead of trying to remedy it on your own. But this is how things get done...asking the One in control of everything.
James 5:16b--The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm "righteous" in the sense that we know it. But I did a little research and there's some interesting stuff to report. The Greek word for "prayer" in this sense is ἐνεργουμένη and means an energetic prayer--earnest, sincere, hearty, persevering. As for righteous, according to Scofield, believers are the righteous; when we become Christians, we become righteous in His sight. The Greek for powerful and effective (or sometimes is "availeth much") is ἰσχύει. Strong, efficient, prevailing. A strength that overcomes the resistance and secures the object. We cannot control what the Lord does, but we can ask. And when we ask, He answers.

Today I have had much more peace about the future! I was born into a family that is able to support me when I cannot support myself. I'm not alone...I have a God who loves me and has everything planned out, parents who stay by my side no matter what, and an amazing fiance who loves me unconditionally. I don't know what will happen in the upcoming days, weeks, months, years, but He does. And that is pretty reassuring.


Tea Time!

I want to go to tea! Oolong, Earl Grey, and Darjeeling...biscuits, scones, and Devonshire cream...I love it! I think tea time is something that definitely needs to be celebrated again. I can't wait until my Bridal Tea :)


the wreck...

At 8:35, I hit a light pole. The car got taken away and might be salvageable. Thanks to the car frame, the pole didn't go through the windshield. I have to give some props to Nissan...those Altimas are tough! And mine gave its life for me today!


New season, new name :)

Blog name changed...it needed a change. After a while I started thinking I don't want to portray a "Poker Face." Although the name wasn't NEARLY this serious of a decision...I was just ready for a change.

Today was GORGEOUS weather here in the south. I only have about two months before I move BACK to Florida, and I seriously cannot wait! Easter is just a short week and a half away, and BC is coming down so we can go spend the weekend on the beach with the fam. I LOVE LOVE Easter, and have already made up his Easter basket. 

I don't know if any of my engaged/married friends have done this with success, but an upcoming wedding can strike fear into the hearts of hefty waistlines. The wedding diet is going well, and actually I'm down 15 pounds since February 22! Its tough, but it will be worth it! And, I don't mind sharing...this little number is my current inspiration!!

Have a summery day! xo