New season, new name :)

Blog name changed...it needed a change. After a while I started thinking I don't want to portray a "Poker Face." Although the name wasn't NEARLY this serious of a decision...I was just ready for a change.

Today was GORGEOUS weather here in the south. I only have about two months before I move BACK to Florida, and I seriously cannot wait! Easter is just a short week and a half away, and BC is coming down so we can go spend the weekend on the beach with the fam. I LOVE LOVE Easter, and have already made up his Easter basket. 

I don't know if any of my engaged/married friends have done this with success, but an upcoming wedding can strike fear into the hearts of hefty waistlines. The wedding diet is going well, and actually I'm down 15 pounds since February 22! Its tough, but it will be worth it! And, I don't mind sharing...this little number is my current inspiration!!

Have a summery day! xo

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Lacey said...

so proud of you!!! keep it up! I lose a few pounds, reward myself with fried food, and start again :\