I HAVE to promote LiveStrong. More specifically, MyPlate on the LiveStrong website. This thing helps you track how much you eat each day, and tell you how much you should be eating based on a bunch of factors.

Here's how it works:

  • Enter in your height, weight, age, and how much you want to lose/gain each week, up to 2 pounds each way.
  • Enter in your current weight into the weight tracker graph
  • Enter how active you are each day, not including working out
And that's pretty much it! The website gives you a set calorie amount to follow each day. You can search for the food that you eat and specify what time of the day you ate it. It automatically deducts it all for you.

This is a great website, because its tough to track all that on your own. Plus, even if you don't go over on, say, calories for the day, you may be going over on sodium, and the website will show you that. I totally attribute part of my success to this website! Some days are tough, i.e. you have 600 calories left for dinner, but you REALLY want to go to Chili's and eat a cheeseburger and a Molten Lava Cake for dessert, but it gets easier. PLUS, cheat days are always necessary or else you will go insane.

Also, you lose weight in weird places. For me...my feet and my fingers. I'm about to have to get my ring resized for the second time!

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