Warning: long.

I have been MIA in my lil corner of the bloggy world.

I am tired.

Work is long and hard.

(that's what she said.)

Anyways, all jokes aside....I am not cut out for a 8-5 job. I am better suited for a 1-3 job. Or maybe just a lunch break.

Today was only day 3 back at work, and I must say, I have really enjoyed it.  This is the job I totally wanted, and I'm loving the opportunity they have given me.

My biggest assignment in life at the moment is mostly fielding statements of "Oh goodness SJ, you are just so dang smart, I just can't imagine you wouldn't pass the bar exam!" and "Oh honey you will do just fine, you are so smart!" Ugh. Get off my back. When I fail, I'm going to request you to be the person to talk me down off the bridge to the beach.

This morning was mostly routine I suppose, besides the abnormally long time it took to finish the over 100 people on the docket. After lunch, however was a different story. We spent a lot of time this afternoon sorting out a situation that I can only describe as a sad domestic situation. Many attorneys address them in different ways....some are super hard on people in domestic situations and some are more lenient and will not push someone who wants to drop charges. This situation this afternoon was different though. After speaking with the victim, the other two attorneys left the room to get some background work done and I sat with the victim. As the person cried, I listened and tried to offer a few words of comfort. It was at that moment I realized my job is so much more than offering pleas, signing papers, arguing before a judge, whatever. In my section of the legal world, I am pursuing justice and making sure the law is enforced equally. That is HUGE! I know it takes some time to figure out how people operate...when they are just pulling your leg, when they won't take your advice, when they are just going to go do "it" again, etc. But I think during my time in law school I gained a great deal of discernment regarding how people really operate. I also think its really REALLY easy to get lost in the job....day after day, same old types of crimes, offers, pleas, cases, etc. But this is peoples lives and we are tasked with the responsibility of making sure the law is obeyed, punishments are exacted, and people learn their lessons.

Anyways, that is super dreamy and flowery, but I am going to try my best not to lose that view. Yeah its real easy to get cynical in this job. But I'm going to try not to.

Also, wedding diet started this week. I'm snarky and mean.

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