tough day.

Had a tough day at work today. I'm learning about people, and realizing that it is in no way unclear that I am the new person. Read some of my devotional books this morning, and have been feeling a lot of "in this world, not of it" lessons swirling around.

I am a big proponent of journals, blogs, whatever. I kept a journal while I was in undergrad, and went back and read some of it last night. I was SO obsessed with finding a guy and getting married. But, at that moment, I was surrounded with it and everyone I knew was running down the aisle. (I have a secret assumption that was so they could all hurry up and have sex, but that is another story for another day.) Anyways, it was really fascinating to read how what I wanted in a future husband began to be seriously shaped during that time. What I wanted continued to be shaped by future bad relationships, but it was really kicked into high gear during undergrad. I think when BC came along I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted. I had to get to the point where I was like--I want a guy like this, nothing less. I also wrote a lot about wanting to be used by the Lord as salt wherever I went. Well......looks like He answered that! The weirdest thing to read was where I had my life epiphany, and decided I was giving up on one direction educationally and going a different direction. This was a very stressful time. Lots of floundering around. So pretty crazy to read what I wrote while I was in the middle of it.

Went to the gym this morning. The gym at 5 am sucks. Why in the WORLD do all those old people get up that early when they don't have anything to do all day anyway?


Brittany said...
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Brittany said...

I just recently started journaling again. There's always so much to learn from re-reading old entries.