Hi friends!

Well, I have been MIA for a very very long time. Too long in my opinion. Problem is, every time I'd come back to the blog, I realized I just had waaaaay too much to talk about and I would have a 75 page long post. So I'll just spend my sweet time updating.

For the time being, know that I got married and am, today, celebrating my 2nd (month) anniversary with my new husband! I love being married. When you're married to your best friend its a thousand times easier. A friend is getting married this Saturday. I'm not her maid of honor, just a regular ol' bridesmaid. I do not want to be in this wedding because I have gained 8 pounds since the wedding and my dress is too tight. However, I do not care enough to stop eating cookies. Plus I'm still studying for the bar in February, and SORRY IF MY DIET ISN'T AT THE TOP OF MY LIST.

Ok, off that high horse.

I'm studying for the bar exam. AGAIN. barf. I'm also still working, which makes it next to impossible to study. So I'm taking a bunch of leave without pay coming up. I'm afraid my next paycheck is going to be for like $75.

Also, BC is starting to play music again and send it to one of his old bandmate's to write music for. I'm so excited for him! BC is excited, his bandmate is excited, and they ultimately want to make a record. I think its great. I also think being a billionaire is great.

In the meantime, here are some wedding photos for your enjoyment!

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