Break in the wedding junk

Taking a momentary break to let the bloggy world know that soon I will be packing heat. Sometimes lawyers are not too favored, especially those in my field, and we need to be able to protect ourselves from crazies. Since I work in SmallTown, there is little to no security in the courthouse. That means any ol rando can stroll up to my office, walk in, and start the massacre.

BC wants us to be safe.

Plus we have an awesome TV at the house we want to protect.

I have made friends with some of the local sheriff's deputies in SmallTown who offered to give BC and I the class to get our Concealed Carry permits. (Which, PS, if you are going to do, make friends with someone who will give you the class for free.)

I've only gone shooting once before. It was at an inside range and I got scared of loud noises. This range was outside and the people we were with were trained firearm instructors. I was super nervous at first, but felt a lot better as time went on. I got to shoot a .38 revolver, a .380 , a 9 mm, a .40, and a .45.

We passed the course (duh) and the officers told us we shoot better than some of the deputies they work with! BC and I are now planning out our gun purchases!! I want a .380 to carry and a 9mm for everyday weaponry. BC wants a .380 to carry and a gigantic .45.

Here's my dead teal paper attacker:
(be nice. remember I was pretty much a first timer.)

Here's what I'm dreaming about:
Kahr .380 in pink

Beretta 90-Two 9mm

Of course, together this is easily $900 worth of guns. So it might be a while. Long time until the birthday. Boo.

Ultimately, we felt really good once we got home from the range. We spent over 3 hours with the officers shooting until we felt comfortable. I got over a lot of my fears. And ultimately you can't be scared of a gun. People are going to use them. You need to hope one doesn't get used on you. And you need to be prepared if someone tries to.

Here's to safety! :)

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