SO BC and I are sitting here watching Conan (or Coco, as he is apparently nicknamed by TBS) and he just had a professional base jumper on tonight, Jeb Corliss. No, I have no idea who he is either.

(The jump at the 2:17 mark was the one they played on the Conan show)

Do I agree with his extremism, causing all sorts of nonsense at the top of the Empire State Building? No...I mean maybe he could have done it in a tiny bit more civilized way.

Buuuut he had a very interesting perspective on base jumping when he was interview on Conan. After the video clip played, Conan said he threw up a little bit (yak) and I have to admit that it made my heart leap just watching it on tv. When Jeb was asked if he was afraid, he said yes, but that he "manipulates his fear."

What a fascinating concept.

He manipulates his fear.

He could either succumb to his fears when he jumps, or he can change his thinking.

Maybe one of these days I can change my thinking.

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FJD said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing the clip!