They won't leave me alone

I got a call this morning from one of the ladies that worked in the financial department of my former job. Remember I was fired mid-September when I found out I failed the bar exam again. Haven't heard from them since. I was happy about that actually.

My former job was a state-funded position. That's about as far as I'll go with the description. In October 2010, the big bosses moved me to a branch about an hour away from where I lived. Most of you readers know that. I had one friend in another department in that building and that was pretty much the only thing about the move that was good. The rest sucked. But I still had a job and a paycheck, so I was happy. Anyway, when the bosses dropped that bomb on me, they offered me a car to drive, so as to sweeten the deal a bit. (I found out later pretty much everyone they asked to move to this branch turned it down. I was the only one asked that had no leverage or bargaining power.) Since I still had my job and got a car to drive, I pretty much couldn't turn it down. I knew I'd be driving about 100 miles everyday, and the ability to keep those miles off my car and not pay for gas was worth it. That's all they told me: "we're giving you a car, just keep up with the mileage and the gas receipts." When I was let go, I coordinated the drop-off of the car and asked if there was anything left for me to do. Lady said nope. I left.

So, back to the phone call. The lady from the financial department said I owed them some sort of fee for driving the car!! She said it was some sort of fee/tax set out by the state because I drove one of their vehicles. I told her that I was sorry, but no one said anything about a fee for driving the car when it was given to me. A fee on a car you offered. Her response: "well, sometimes they forget to tell people." REALLY?? Sometimes they forget?? What good does that do me?? I told the woman straight up--I don't have any money. She said "its not that big of a deal, its only $57." I told her, no you don't get it. I don't have any money. My husband is in school, I don't have a job (YOU FIRED ME REMEMBER), I just paid $600 to retake the bar exam, $3000 for a tutor, my part-time job pays me exactly the amount of money our health insurance costs, and my parents GRACIOUSLY paid our rent, electric, water, and car insurances this month. Our checking account is almost empty and we've all but depleted our savings.


I'd rather be in the position I'm in now than still working for that horrible place.


Brittany said...

What in the world?! That's insane! And that's a pretty important thing to "forget" to tell people.

How frustrating!

Amie said...

Those people are AWFUL. I'm glad you got out of there, even if it means you're broke for a while. Sheesh.

SJ said...

Thanks ladies. I freaking hated that place. Also, they never called me back, which, frankly, is good for them. I've been working up a good rant in my brain if she ever calls back.