One Whole Year

Dear Husband,

Before I even start writing, and while my mind puts words together, I feel like I'm about to write a blurb in a yearbook. So, forgive me if this sounds yearbook-ish. This is an ode to our first fabulous year together. I can't believe how fast time has flown. This has easily been one of the worst years of my life, but the best, all at the same time. (Hear me out, here.) Because you are here with me, I've been able to weather the storm of multiple bar exams. You knew my situation when you met me. You came to live in a foreign place, far away from everyone you know, before we were married, while I was going bananas over this stupid test. You stuck around to marry me despite my bananas. You held me when I cried every time I got my results and encouraged me every time I prepared for a new administration. You prayed for me and with me, every step of the way. You listened to me complain about work, and reminded me of what's important. You listen to my rants and raves and agree with all my nonsense. You celebrate when I celebrate, you mourn when I mourn. You play the guitar for me when I need to be cheered up, songs written just for me, never to be heard by another soul. You do chores when you think I'm not looking. You are so sweet and caring towards the pup, and I can't wait to see you as a real daddy (and not just with all your babies from other ladies. jk) You try to create a space of comfort for me, our own little bubble. You helped me feel at home in our office by hanging up all my diplomas all over the office wall. You share everything you have with me, and don't even think twice about letting me have the first bite of the meal you got that I thought I didn't want but ended up eating all of. We have so much fun wherever we go, you truly are my best friend! Anytime I do anything with anyone else and you aren't with me, I always end up missing you and wishing you were there with me. I love how we have our own hand squeeze/knee push language. We can talk smack about someone with just the exchange of once glance. You literally are the funniest person I've ever met. People who don't get your humor are dumb and pointless. You make me laugh all the time! Sometimes I catch you just looking at me, and it makes me feel so loved. You tell me I'm beautiful, even when I'm working on day 3 of the same pajamas and you haven't seen my hair down in a week. I miss you when you aren't around, even when you go to class for a couple hours. If a song comes on that talks about missing someone and you aren't with me, I get weepy. I can't help it!

Most of all, you love the Lord more than me and more than yourself. This was the one attribute I wanted so badly in my future husband, and I'm so thankful I found it in you. God truly created me for you, you for me. You are completely my other half...not a day goes by that we don't end up saying it out loud for some reason. Despite all my past mistakes and bad relationships, you love me completely. I think everyday I would repeat it all over again as long as it meant I got you in the end. The heartache was 100% worth it because you love me all the more.

I can say wholeheartedly that I love you today even more than the day I married you, and everyday our relationship grows stronger. I am so completely blessed beyond measure to have you in my life.

Happy day-before-our-anniversary, honey!


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Attorney At Large said...

Happy anniversary! He sounds like a keeper!