1 more day...

Judge shows get me through the day....

that's all.

Tomorrow is my last final....

and then I'm a law school graduate! WOOHOO!!

I have to share some beauty advice. Most people in America have already heard about these, but I feel like they have been revamped in my life recently:
People, seriously. Get on this train!

I have been fortunate throughout my life to not struggle with a great deal of facial/skin issues. But I still take care to wash my face, use moisturizer, etc., all those good things the Clinique lady tells you to do. However, let me just tell you, these little strips work magic! 

When they first came on the market, I bought them, and they HURT when you took them off your nose. Like, I almost cried when I tried to take one off my nose. Recently I decided to give them another shot. They are now officially part of my beauty routine. 

If you are skeptical, think about this: ever thought you had big pores? Just a facial scrub may not cut it. You need to clean your pores out. Why you ask? Clogged pores can actually STRETCH them out, making them look even bigger than they should!! And if for no other reason but smaller pores....its the best $6 you'll ever spend :)

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