The Hills and TRHofNY

Well, its time for finals again, and of course that means lots of procrastination and lots of blog posts!

It is the final season for The Hills. Last week was the first episode, and tonight is episode #2 at 9. I have never been a faithful follower, but will totally plop down on the couch on Saturday and spend a whole day catching up on like 3 or 4 seasons at a time. I must say though, I am totally making time in my Tuesday night for this show now! Esp since Heidi went nuts, LC is gone, Audrina still has the drunk eyes, LO is back to being a reoccurring character like Laguna Beach, and Kristin is now the main character/narrator and is, so far, exhibiting some pretty out-there behaviors.

I also am going to start making time for the Real Housewives of NY on Thursdays. Those women are c-ra-zy and totally act like backstabbing 14-year-old girls, but it is hilarious and I can't stop watching!! My favorite part is when, and they all do this, one of them will expect everyone else to fall all over themselves apologizing for what they did, but when that one person does the exact same thing, the response is "oh, they'll get over it."

What can I say...I am definitely a fan of reality tv!!!

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