Memorial weekend and a deeeelicious dinner

Memorial weekend was great. Saturday I got up at the a-crack of dawn to help my mom with a garage sale. Sunday was church and loooots of napping. Monday we went to a near-by beach town to meet a friend and her new bf and go OUTLET SHOPPING!! WOOHOO!! I love to outlet shop. Unfortunately it was like a jillion degrees and there were like a million people there. Pretty miserable. Plus, right when we walked out of the GAP outlet, a little Asian baby threw up right as we walked past. It was disgusting.

So, going back to work this morning sucked, because I got way too used to sleeping after the 3 day weekend. I wanted to make something delicious and italian for dinner, so I headed over to the trusty Tasty Kitchen site, and found an interesting recipe for Quick & Easy Zesty Sausage Pasta. I improvised and made half the recipe and put the can of diced tomatoes in the chopper to make a thinner sauce. 

I don't have a picture. Lame, I know. But it was really good! And pretty healthy, actually. Had to share. Ok. The end.

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