Moderate Couponing

I have previously stated my newfound desire to begin couponing. And not just a little bit, but a lot. Enough so that I end up saving big bucks. I know it will be a long time before I turn my garage into an apocolyptal refuge where we can outlast a zombie attack, but I know its good to make some sort of progress.

So, I clipped and clipped and clipped on Sunday afternoon, and printed and printed and printed on Monday. Tuesday I went to Publix because the new ad comes out on Wednesday. Publix does not double coupon amounts like some stores, and really no stores do that in my town. So, I took advantage of their B1G1 deals with the few coupons I had.

This is how I did:

Its not that easy to make out because there are tons of items stacked on top of one another. But for the total, I got $113.19 worth of stuff for $70.38! That is $42.81 worth of savings, for those without a calculator. Not great, like the people that get $5000000 worth of stuff for $1.25, but still pretty good savings nonetheless for my first couponing trip!

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