Still around

Pretty sure I'm the most boring blogger ever these days. Saw someone took me off their must read list and that made me sad.

Not much besides bar review going on around here...except this time I have a tutor thrown in who yells at me. I think its working.

Been sick all Christmas vacation and now I think I have a stomach virus? I got super dehydrated today, so NOT COOL.

My neighbors douchey parents are in town and his dad ran out of the house the other day screaming at me to pick up my dog's poop. I was nice though and said I was going to get the poop bags. He'll have to answer for his horrible attitude. Except now I find myself thinking of awesome snarky things to say to him and I know I just need to go back and live in my own little world.

Stayed in pjs mostly these days. Its not too rough of a life. Except that whole no income thing.

We're back on the diet train after Christmas. I gained 5, COUNT THEM FIVE, pounds while at me IL's house. Of course every single pound was worth it because it was amazing food. But I could not deal with 5 pounds in a week! As of today, I've got it all back off and the tiniest smidge more, and I'm hoping to continue the downward trend. Honestly, I haven't exercised a morsel yet, besides walking, we've just been cutting calories. It jumpstarts the process nicely.

Before we did that, though, we had to polish off the remaining box of these:
OMG DEWEY'S OATMEAL CREAM COOKIES NOM NOM NOM. These things are so truly amazing in delicious I cannot even do them justice. They are from a local bakery in NC where my husband is from and my IL's got two boxes of them while we were there and sent them back with us. I'm pretty sure the boxes came with "make sure you share these with your parents" but I'm sorry....they didn't make it that far really. We split one with them one night when they came over for dinner, but only because we had eaten the rest. Whoops :-/

In other news, Coco is acting bananas lately. She's had some bad run-ins with dogs recently, including one neighbors dog who ran out of its house and right up to her and jumped in her face, and so now she freaks out at every little tiny noise. We tried to bring her to the groomers yesterday, and she growled at the lady, which she never does, so we went home. We got her a Thundershirt, but every time we put it on, she just freezes in place and acts super weird. I don't know. She was never like this before, I think she just has some major anxiety issues all of a sudden. The groomer said it might be good just to bring her by and have hem give her treats and then go home, just to get her used to being around people without anxiety. She suggested a trainer too, just to work with Coco and help her be around dogs that are calm.

Back to practice questions...

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