To all the sweet lil barzam takers who are finding my blog while scouring the web with searches like:

- status updates bar exam
- you won't fail the bar
- I want to fail the bar
- blog, fail the bar
- and someone who apparently got to me through facebook, which is kinda scary

I want to give you all a big hug. You're going to be fine. There's nothing that anyone can say to make you feel better. No one understands. (Except those of us who've had the trouble of doing this at least once.) My husband joked that people who take the bar exam get to sit in the treehouse while everyone else who has to take a professional level test stands on the ground. Our test is harder, scarier, and more ridiculous than all of them. He said those of us who have to take more than one bar exam get to sit on the top of the treehouse and throw rocks at everyone below us. That made me smile :)

Seriously, keep studying if you want, or don't if you need a break. Look over stuff tomorrow, or don't if your test starts Monday. Just get good sleep and a decent breakfast (those are more important than just about anything on test days) and shut out the crazies who want to talk about the exam.

Hang on until Wednesday/Thursday, and then go do whatever you've been waiting to do all summer. You deserve it.

Good luck to all those taking it!! Just keep breathing :) I'm saying a little prayer for us all!!

xo SJ

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