Hard head

I got hit in the face by the dog. Of course, its my fault, but seriously, dogs have to have the hardest skulls on the planet. And they always want to headbutt you on some sensitive area that will totally leave a mark.

Luckily, nothing blue or purple yet. But I'm sorry to say that I should have learned my lesson the first time. My roommate's dog hit me in the face and gave me a black eye during 3L year. It hurt RUHL BAD. My eye like immediately turned purple.

I had fun making up stories for that one. Unfortunately it was above my eye, so it looked like I was just trying to rock purple eyeshadow on one eye. ('Cause that's normal.) And with people being as obsessed with how they look as Alabama ladies are, you'd think I'd get more questions. Regardless, the people that did ask, I started telling them my roommate did it. Stuff like "hey SJ, what happened to your eye?" *look over at roommate and start bawling* "I said I was sorry, but he just kept hitting me!"

Of course my roommate, the turd that he was, just laughed and played along.

This time BC said, "oh great, now everyone's going to think I hit you or something."

I said "don't worry honey, no one will believe that. I'm too mean."


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