Dear sweet goodness.

Today started off as a very sucky day when I woke up at 6 am with debilitating cramps. (I have no shame in sharing this, one because I'm like 99% sure most of my readers/followers are women, [except you BC!!!], and two because guys aren't dumb and they know lady things pop up from time to time--big shocker, I know.)

Anyways. Today was supposed to be MBE day. 100 in the morning, 100 in the afternoon. Its 4:50 pm and I'm on question like 41 from the first section. I can barely focus to read the question, much less process it while dealing with all this pain. My brain is already sick and tired of all this nonsense and trying to process it while I feel like there is something trying to claw its way out of my abdomen is next to impossible.

So, I am taking break number, like, 10,000 right now. I am sitting here in the living room listening to BC play the drums and enjoying a most delectable treat he brought me--the last coffee drink I will ever need:

The McDonalds Mocha Frappe.

Seriously, people. I'm being serious.

This thing will have you saying "Starbucks, what? Who? I don't even know what that is."

I understand skepticism. Really, I do. I once lived in that world. But no longer. Since I am (obviously) trying SO HARD to stick to my wedding diet, last week, BC and I went to McD for breakfast. He got one of these, but I was like "ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....nahhhh." Of course, when he picked it up from the window, I tried it and had to stop myself from jumping from the moving car and running away with it.

So all I could think of today, while I was sitting here dying of pain and hating my life and averaging about 2 questions every 15 minutes, all I could think of was one of these babies. So sweet BC went to pick some up.

Mine is almost all gone, and his is sitting here on the table. I might finish his too. He's far away behind a drum set and unable to fight me off.

Here's your assignment: go give one of these a shot. The McDonald's website has a coupon for $1 off of these things until 8/15. Here's the website!

All right, I'm going to try to get back to this. I have to finish 100 question in three hours. Its like the saddest thing ever if I can't even get half of this crap accomplished today.



Associate Girl said...

That looks really good - must try. I love coffee. It is very important to me. That was so sweet of BC. Thanks for the app recs. Downloaded and played them both :)

Faux Trixie said...

I am skeptical but will give it a shot. Also, I love when my boyfriend does nice things like this.

As to the questions: You'll be fine on the day of the bar. I've found all lawyers work better under pressure. It must be a character trait of people in our profession. You're not doing it now because you don't have to. When you finally do, you'll just do it.

I didn't do one timed test before the bar and finished the MBE with 15 minutes to spare during each session.

ADC said...

AG--I'm glad you did! My fiance took away facebook, so when I need mental breathers, I reach for his iphone and go for the angry birds!

FT--thanks for the insight! this is all a pretty big grey question mark...nobody knows what to expect, but I guess that's the idea. Good to know the day of will be a much different story!!