post-bar day 2

I am not prepared to talk about the Bar Exam.

I only want to dwell in the wonderful world of post-Bar life.

If I don't pass I will scream.

I don't want to do that again.


Since we were in Tampa, we went to a Tampa Bay Rays game. It was awesome. I made a bright pink poster that said: I just took the FL BAR EXAM Put me on TV!" And they did! It was awesome. Everyone around me was congratulating me. BC rolled his eyes when I told him I wanted to do it, he didn't believe me. But as soon as we sat down, I opened up the poster and waited for me time in the limelight.

And yes, it happened.

We traveled on south after the game, and we are currently staying with my aunt for half a second before heading back to the beach. She convinced a TON of fam to drive over and we all went out to dinner. BC and I ended up crashing and woke up this morning to head to....

...wait for it....


We signed up to get 30 minute massages this morning with a massage therapist that is a friend of my aunt's. Sweet goodness, that thing was AWESOME. I will forever be getting massages for the rest of my life until I die. If you have not gotten a massage before, you absolutely must go do it. Seriously, like 10 minutes into it, I was drooling and slurring my words because I was so relaxed. When I left I felt like I had been slowly drinking for like 10 hours. You know that weird woozy feeling? Oh it was wonderful.

Now we are relaxing and watching The People's Court. Ahhhh......the good life :)

I will post pictures of awesome things when we get back home. Watch out for the ballin' poster and some awesome sunsets!


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