Post-July 4th

BC is finally moved all in and is on his way to officially becoming a Florida resident. I am on my way to becoming officially insane. (bar stuff, hello, where have you been for a month.)

Apparently after July 4th, everyone is supposed to kick it into gear and get with the program. That is my plan and I'm ready to go! I told BC I refuse to be like everyone else and be a raging b and take it all out on BC and never see him. Yesterday we made dinner and took and walk and it was nice. We study in the office together, and it is nice. He gives me neck massages, and it is nice.

The most important thing to me--him. Not the bar exam. Don't get me wrong, its important. Pretty dang important. Its whats going to keep me in a job and keep us afloat while he's finishing school. But its not more important than him.

Keep that in mind, fellow bar peeps. When this is all over, your husband/fiance/boyfriend, family, friends...they are all still going to be there. Don't treat them badly.

And now I shall leave you with some pictures!!!

First, my amazing wonderful flag cake I am so proud of! It is a little rough looking, but for a first effort, I'm pretty happy :)

Finally, some shots of the fireworks we saw, once I figured out how to work the fireworks setting on my new camera!

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