New Grill

So last Saturday morning, BC and I ended up having breakfast with my parents. (I have to stop here and say...there are crazy people I know who are studying for the bar and aren't seeing their families and/or eating. What's up with that? I just can't do that. If seeing my family and eating means I fail, well.....so be it.)


So we were eating breakfast and my mom asked if we had used our "grill" yet. (The "grill" is a tiny baby thing I bought at a garage sale that you can bring to the beach. It might be big enough to grill a hotdog. Maybe.)

I said no, and frowned and looked at BC.

So a couple of hours later, my mom shows up at our house with a lighter, a bag of charcoal and a new grill!! Woohoo! Pretty dang excited. Its HUGE. Its a Weber. Its awesome.

So today we went to the grocery store and bought all sorts of delicious things to grill. Tonight was steaks. We bought a fun little marinade and threw them on.

Well.....this was me and BC's first grill attempt. Needless to say, we had to resort to a small amount of
microwave time at the end. But for a first attempt the steaks were still delish!!

I was in charge of side dishes, and I picked two things. I know I wanted to make black-eyed peas. OK, done. Next was something with red potatoes....but what...? Here's what I did, I just have to share. BC said this concoction ended up tasting amazing, and that's enough for me!!

Red Potatoes
Cheddar Cheese
Heavy Cream
Onion, chopped up
Bacon (the real kind), crumbled up
Salt and Pepper

Cooked the potatoes, and mushed them up, added some butter, some heavy cream, some shredded cheddar, a little bit of chopped up onion, and some real bacon. I don't have amounts of this stuff because seriously I just kept adding and tasting until I thought it was delicious.

Everyone should make their own version of this. It will make your boyfriend/fiance/husband swoon and people everywhere will want to be your best friend.


Amie said...

Oh my gosh, you definitely need to still make time for family. They'll keep you sane!

I'm so excited for your grill. The husband and I just bought a grill (well, it was my parents' housewarming gift to us) but it isn't hooked up to the natural gas yet, so we can't use it. I can't wait to start grilling.

ADC said...

yay for new grills! I like outdoor appliances, I feel like they make me look like I appreciate being in nature or something. You should share a picture once you get yours all hooked up!