good times will come again.

On our way back from picking up pizza (I'm pretty sure we've eaten pizza for dinner about 10 times in the last 2 weeks. Hello again 10 pounds!), BC looked at me and said:

"we had fun times in December."

I thought two things. First--geez, December? What happened in December? Second--dang, that was soooo long ago.

When I asked for clarification, he said "you know, the cupcakes, the beach, Pickles..." (all of this involves a little beach town near my home that we l-o-v-e.)

Then, I felt bad. Aside from getting engaged, which was wonderful and magical and wonderful, I realized how much he has gone through for me. We started dating the middle/end of fall 3L semester and got real serious in the spring and got engaged in February (what can I say, when you know, you know!). But then it was always something with me...school, bar app, weekend visits, long phone calls, lots of tears, graduating, moving a jillion times, roommate drama, other people/places/things drama (mostly people), family drama, weight loss, weight gain, complaints, broken phones....the list goes on. Then I moved back to FL, and he came too. Just picked up his whole life and come to be with me.

Now its more stuff with me--bar exam, bar exam, bar exam. He's going to Tampa with me to hang out in the hotel for two days waiting for me to be done with all this.

After waking up this morning to a messy kitchen, I told him we were eating out until the bar. I didn't want to cook or clean. DONE. As I went in to study, he voluntarily went into the kitchen, scrubbed EVERYTHING, took out the trash, swept...all of it.

I was reminded how incredibly lucky I am. And as I sit here listening to him play the guitar, I realize there isn't anywhere else I would rather be than right here.

So, when he said that tonight, all I could tell him was that I promise things won't be like this forever. I promise that I will be normal again. I promise I won't always be a crying, manic mess. I promise that I will take showers on a regular basis. I promise I will remember where my make-up is. I promise I won't wear pajamas every day. I promise we'll do fun things all the time. I promise I'll cook more than bacon and grilled cheese sandwiches. I promise I'll lay around and watch TV with you. I promise to stop eating pizza and look smoking hot for our wedding. (Ok, that last one was for me. I need my own motivation. For the record BC could care less. In a good way.)

I promise the good times will come again.


Amie said...

BC sounds wonderful. And you're right - it will not always be like this. I've made it to the other side, and have had a lot of fun since then. I'm a lot more fun too. Last year at this time? I was kind of the devil, and Pete took the brunt of it. Keep BC around, lady. Especially if he cleans.

Meredith Joyce said...

I love this post because I can totally relate! If I've cooked anything in the past few weeks it's been in the microwave. And, I wear 1 of my 4 stretch pants everyday (in public . . . ew) with an oversized t-shirt. I feel for you and we all be finished very soon.

Best of luck!