Regaining composure...

So this morning was a mini-meltdown. Or a big one. Regardless, it happened, more than once.

BC talked me off of multiple ledges at multiple points in the day. I realized multiple choice questions are just a huge weak spot for me. I realized that all this bar nonsense may not be a lost cause, because essay grade #2 out of 3 was also a green dot--Exceeds the Standards! I was pretty excited about that, because that means, given the chance, I'm not a complete legal moron.

So, to keep myself on this high, I will digress to other happy things.

I have family coming to visit tomorrow! They are staying with my parents and will probably see me for like 2.5 seconds at church on Sunday.

Two weeks from now the bar exam will be OVER, I will be taking in a Tampa Rays game with BC, and enjoying the beaches of Central/South Florida for the first time in a L-O-N-G time.

We are having $5 Little Caesar's pizza for dinner!

Also, I read a few other blawgs the other day and read about some other legal-y people dealing with MUCH worse issues with me...from scheming and conniving exs and bitter divorces to unknown brain issues. I realized...life could be worse than a test. One stupid test. One stupid test that means a lot....but still, one stupid test.

Things could be worse.

**ps. I know I waiver a TON in these posts. I promise I'm not bi-polar. Yet.


Ashley said...

If it helps, I cried almost every day at least once for a week a week or two ago. This week has been better. Ten days though...sooo I'm not counting on next week being a good week for the ol' emotions. Isn't this all nuts? Don't worry too much about the practice MBE. I don't know if you're doing BarBri or what, but I am almost certain they make their simulated MBE extra ridiculous so a person feels like he/she has learned a ton after that. Blah. Mental games! Good luck - we're almost there!

Ashley said...

studying for MO! I don't know if you're by a beach or not, but if you are, my gosh, it must be insufferable to have to study. HA!