Advocacy Banquet

I didn't talk much about BC's visit, but one of the many reasons he drove down to see me was to be my hot date to the advocacy banquet at school! At this banquet, they re-present all of the trophies to all of the competitors, listen to a speaker, learn who won the 1L Moot Court tourney, and find out who the new Board of Advocates are.

This years speaker was a federal chief judge. It was really awesome to hear someone as learned and wise as he is. Even still, the biggest thing he tried to tell us was to take time with our families. Apparently (and I totally believe it) its going to be difficult to try to balance all of our responsibilities as a young associate. I have already promised BC he will always come first. I'm going to work hard, but I refuse to compromise my family and what I believe for a j-o-b.

Anyways, the night was fun and we ended it with a Paradise Brownie from Chili's :) YUM!

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