Easter weekend!

I LOVE Easter weekend! Mostly because it is always spent in sunny FL! First, BC got into town Wednesday night and we IMMEDIATELY exchanged Easter baskets.

His basket included tons of stuff, including flip flops for the beach that weekend, a sweet Jeep Matchbox car, and a Led Zeppelin shirt. Pretty much the best Easter basket ever :)

Mine (which there is no picture of) was all pink :) And the best surprise? Underneath the big yellow duck (inside joke) he brought me with the basket--RED VELVET CUPCAKES!

These things have become our "special times" treat. He also brought along some pink lemonade Easter cupcakes with the red velvet ones with super cute tiny chick candles. So cute!

Friday we headed down to FL to pick up the new car! It is so wonderful and looks almost EXACTLY like the other one. I love it and am SO GRATEFUL to my parents forever!

Saturday we went out on the boat! So beautiful! The water isn't quite emerald yet, and it will definitely take some time before the water warms up, but we had fun nonetheless. It was Ben's first time out on the boat in the ocean! He loved it! We saw dolphins too...such a treat! :)

After that, we headed to one of our fave places for an early dinner before heading out to see Hot Tub Time Machine...I love date night!! :) I think we've decided on this same restaurant for our rehearsal dinner...that place is delish and is a must for ANY and ALL FL visits!!!!

Easter Sunday started with Easter baskets for me and BC from Mom and Dad and then onto some family friends for Easter lunch! We have been going over there ever since we moved to my hometown and I can't wait to start a new tradition with my *new* family! BC fits in so well with everyone and I just love him so much!

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