Movie Review

This weekend I went to visit my lovely fiancé, BC, in NC! We went on lots of dates, and I love them all. They range from dinners and movies, to wandering around the mall. He is fantastic. But I digress.

We saw two movies this weekend...and I totally recommend BOTH!!

First: Date Night

So funny!

First, Tina Fey and Steve Carell are FANTASTIC together! They have a great chemistry. Plus, it was a pro-marriage movie, which is great and so rare! Without revealing too much, Tina and Steve are a married couple, married for a while, and lead busy lives, juggle having kids, and are actually trying to stay together and keep things exciting. It was nice to see that from Hollywood. I mean, the storyline won't be winning any Oscars or anything, but it was funny! I mean, of course, who are the actors, hello.

Second: How To Train Your Dragon

We went and saw this movie in 3D--super cute! It had a great little story, great music, awesome graphics! And yes, we were the only ones in the theater that were not children or parents, but honestly, it was still a great movie. The writers set up a great storyline and there was an unexpected ending! That doesn't happen too much in these types of movies.

Don't forget the snacks! Our new movie tradition is Sour Patch Kids and a Coke Icee! YUM! What's yours?

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Benja said...

Mine is sour patch kids and a coke icee.