It just shouldn't be.

Something very disturbing happened yesterday.

Everyday, all over America, radio stations play some sort of "throwback" section of music. It seems like most of the music is from the 80s, you know, all that fun stuff we could still dance to: the Bangles, Blondie, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Abba, Rod Stewart...all those sorts of things. Well, I was happinly enjoying the throwback music yesterday when WHAT CAME ON but.....*NSYNC!!!!!!!!!! I could not even believe it. And it wasn't even old school *NSYNC, I Want You Back, or Tearin' Up My Heart, oh no. It was Bye Bye Bye!!!!!!

Now, I have to express my love for those pop guys. They, along with BSpears, Christina, Backstreet Boys, got me through middle school. I remember hanging out with my friends, singing along, it was great! While we're on that topic, how about this picture--anybody remember the BSpears daisy cd?? I thought it was so cool when we all found out that the cds came in different colors with different colored daisies. To a middle schooler, the early days of pop music were it.

And now...we've gotten to that point. Music that came out in the mid to late 90s, and the early 2000s....now officially is considered "old." Yesterday, I felt like I was 115 years old!!

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