Around here, sunglasses are treasured. In the South, people usually pick out a good pair and stick with them...especially if you grew up around water of some sort. Costas, Ray Bans, Maui Jims, Oakleys, all kinds!

My favorites:
Costa Del Mar Switchfoot

Tortoise frames, green mirror lenses!

I haven't had them since the end of March...they were a casualty of the wreck :( The left lens was completely shattered and they had to be sent in for repair. I had just bought them too!! 

I previously had the tortoise Switchfoot with the amber lenses (and of course I lost them somewhere), and I must say....green mirror is the way to go!

We're slowly becoming a Costa fam...BC recently made his first Costa purchase:
His are the Brine style...

What can I say...we're BIG fans of the tortoise/green mirror combo!

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