catch-up and a lil advice

Wow, I haven't posted in a little while! I wanted to post everyday with fun stuff, but I have def fallen down on the job!

Most recently, I have been all involved with the judging stuff. Seriously, every day at least once a day. Last rounds are Monday morning, and then they find out (I think) Tuesday who makes it into the tournament. I'm excited to see who makes it! Seriously, there is some really good talent in the 1L class.

Also, I sent out 23, YES 23, cover letters and resumes a couple of days ago!! I am officially flooding the market! I plan on sending tons more out on Monday.

I don't really have much to talk about today. Except maybe a little girl advice. I keep having friends who are talking to me about the guys in their lives. Things that they aren't quite okay with but they convince themselves it fine and end up making excuses for themselves and their guy. LOOK LADIES...if you are making excuses or rationalizing ANYTHING, its a red flag. Plain and simple. I tell you this: true love is easy. Yes, marriage is hard work blah blah blah. But its even harder if you don't end up with the right person! Your life isn't over--you never know who will show up tomorrow. Do NOT be afraid to communicate. If he is doing something and you aren't on the same page about it TALK ABOUT IT. If you are afraid he's going to jet if you talk, do it anyway. If he jets, HE SUCKS. If he sticks around and *gasp* talks it out, he actually cares about you!

Any questions about boys? Let me know. BC knows stuff and he def won't sugar coat anything!

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