I don't believe you Sir!

Let me tell you, this woman is awesome. Some love her, some hate her. Either way, she doesn't deal with nonsense.

This week, I have had the pleasure of judging the practice rounds of my law school's 1L moot court rounds. Next week is graded rounds. So far, the only thing I have come away with is this: I am destined to be a judge. But not a simple trial judge, oh no. I want to be one where I get to ask questions, get answers...be involved! And, since I don't really foresee being chosen to be an appellate court judge anytime soon....I'm going to go for with being a TV judge! I mean, what could be more fun! You are essentially a fashionable arbitrator, and you get to rule however you want! I can just see it...it will probably have to be broadcast on FOX, because I also foresee getting a little feisty.

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Benja said...

I'll be the bailiff and hand you blurry pictures and contracts written on napkins.