Yesterday a friend came up to me at church yesterday and told me she read my blog and that she thought I had guts for being so blunt. The very first thing I thought of was---crap, I thought I was invisible. What did I say?! After talking, I realized she was referring to the wedding stuff I typed. I thought more about it later, talked about it to BC and realized, that yeah, while I had been honest, I had been super harsh, and it certainly isn't my intention to hurt anyones feelings or make someone think less of someone else because of what I have said. Certainly, I can't put up a Bible verse and then smack talk someone who I claim to be a good friend. What kind of person does that make me? A complete hypocrite. So, since I have completely calmed down after that weekend, I went back and revamped some of my entries regarding things I had said. The information I changed isn't a lie, its just a lot nicer and more like something I would say after checking my attitude. So, friend, if you read my blog again, thank you for helping me realize I was being a mean girl, and that was uncalled for.

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