Day one.

Well, day one is down. I'm hoping that this is my very LAST day one ever. Because that would be awesome.

Y'all I so wish I had my cell phone or a camera with me today. I cannot even describe the nonsense.

In July there were close to 4K people that took the FL bar. Today? Close to 1400. WEAK. I actually met a ton of people today who were retaking the test. That was reassuring. Made me not feel like a total loser.

I did discover there are two types of people that take the February bar.

1. The Fail-ers. These aren't bad people. I am one. It simply means July sucked and we're giving it another try. No big. Overall I liked these people. The ones I talked to today were pretty chill, and we're all just calm and ready to get it over with. It was nice.

2. The gunner/overachievers. Good grief. I could not even deal with these people today. They were overachievers in law school, and they are straight-up overachievers for the bar. There were a shocking amount of old people taking the bar. I was surprised. Of course, those were overwhelmingly the gunners in law school, and you better believe they are still gunners. They were all the time asking questions, trying to get more pencils, running to the ExamSoft people, carrying bags full of medicine, etc. It was exhausting just to look at them.

Also: I got to meet a blog/twitter friend today, Jamie! It was so nice to meet someone that I've commiserated with regarding bar junk, and to say hello in person! I've decided when BC and I become thousandaires (because that's prob all we'll ever be) I want to visit and meet all my bloggy/twittery friends.


Legally Married said...

I love that you said "thousandaires." I thought I was the only one who used that word.

We're working toward being thousandaires right now in our house, with, of course, an end goal of being squillionaires in a few years. ;)

Amie said...

Kill it. Hugs and drinks and sprinkles of glitter and awesomeness to you!