There is probably a thin line between normal and crazy

I thought I was doing well considering I'm about to go through the suckiest thing known to mankind (besides a visit to the gyno) for a second time. Until about 5 minutes ago.

This afternoon I received an AMAZING care package from my law school bff. She sent me 4 big backs of cookies and and Peeps. Pink ones for me, and blue ones for BC. It was amazing and made me so happy! She is seriously super smart and such a good friend.

Well, on fb, I updated my status to give her a shout-out saying just that she sent me an amazing care package. That's it. Nobody really knows that I didn't pass the bar from school except my law school bff and another new law school friend who discovered my site during all my wedding rants. Trust me, there were PUH-LENTY of people who texted me wanting to know if I passed. Frankly, I mean, HELLO, if I didn't update my status the day results came out saying "WOOOHOOOOOOO I'M A LAWYER" then, newsflash geniouses, I didn't pass. Plus, since people didn't know for sure, they started hunting down my friend, pressuring her for info! I mean, give it UP! Good grief!

Anyway, so after I put up that status, a girl from law school sent me a message. Yeah, we're still friends on facebook. No, I haven't spoken to her in probably a year, including actual time we were in law school. We weren't close. We weren't buds. Mere acquaintances.

Anyway, this girl send me this message, and I quote:

"Hey girl! I hope all is well. Your wedding pictures are amazing! Congrats. Just out of curiosity, are you studying for the FL bar again?"

Are you f-ing kidding me? I mean, really? What is wrong with you dummy? Why would you ever ask someone that? I was soooooo pissed. I'm ready to defriend her, for real. I would never EVER ask someone that. EVER. A care package could be any number of reasons. I could be sick with the flu. I could be taking another state's bar exam. I could be moving into a new home. I could be preg. See? Any number. (Which, I'm not preg, for the record.)

Ughhhhhhhh I'm so annoyed. Keep your stupid "curiosity" to yourself. We weren't friends before, we CERTAINLY aren't now.


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Jamie @ A Healthy J.D. said...

Amen. I'm taking the FL Bar a second time and I know exactly where you are coming from. My law school is ridiculously competitive when it comes to Bar passage rates and it has been annoying dodging the insincere curiosities about my passing/not passing the Bar from people I barely talked to in school. I posted on FB that I didn't pass and I posted on my blog why I didn't pass so that people wouldn't come up with their own creative stories. Good luck, we are gonna rock this thing!