Ya'll I am SO excited to get our guns!! BC has been watching YouTube videos allll theeee timeeeee to see reviews on guns and holsters. We also watched a bunch on gun store etiquette. Oh yes, there is such a thing. Last week we went to the local range/gun shop and checked out a bunch of stuff and got info about getting a membership. I pretty much did everything wrong while we were there in terms of gun handeling, including pointing the gun and various people (UNINTENTIONALLY) and swinging it around, setting the guns down way too hard on the glass counters, and causing a magazine to come flying out of one gun and come clamoring down against the glass show cabinets. I decided I did not want to be a moron when it comes to gun knowledge, so I went to lernin'. FL gun laws are awesome, and I plan on carrying mine everywhere, concealed of course, and everywhere that's statutorily allowed, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I feel the urge, now that I have learned some stuff, to share my opinion on other peoples opinions about guns. I am not  crazy shot-gun toting redneck. My husband and I plan on carrying guns for our own protection, and so we do not become victims. I am not so naive to think that crazy people will one day magically stop being crazy. Plus, I come across TONS of people everyday who hate me because of the line of work I'm in. I have many days, like today actually, where I look defendants in the face and tell them it is not humanly possible for me to care less about what they have to say to me. (Its so funny, too--everyone I work with always laugh because they know I'm not hateful SJ, its totally a show. I just like being mean for no reason :) )

Bottom line: don't be scared of guns. I was. And I still am a tiny bit. But I don't want to be. BC found a YouTube video made from a real 911 call--a girl was being stalked and the stalker broke into her house while she was on the phone with 911. It will definitely make you rethink your security measures!

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