Self-Defense weapon review

Before I get started, I have to mention that, in my haste to de-friend the girl in the previous post, she messaged me again offering only prayers because she was retaking her state's bar exam. Annnnd, I felt like a total douche. So I apologized, as was completely required and necessary, asked forgiveness for being so hasty, explained my reasons, and we are friends again. Lesson: get an outsider's perspective. For the record, BC was right about the whole thing.

SO!! BC and I are currently saving up for our gun purchases. In the meantime, we are collecting our other weapon essentials. We have learned that in addition to conceal carrying a gun, you need other back-up, in case an attacker tries to take your gun from you. This may seem like overkill, but we watched a YouTube video by a female NRA trainer who discussed going to a defense class and having the "attacker" go for her gun, get it away from her, pin her to the ground, and point it at her head. It was then she realized she needed some back-up. And I have to agree.

Thanks to Amazon and their awesome 2-day prime shipping, we now are the owners of our very own:

Ka-Bar TDI knives

Kimber Pepperblaster pepper sprays

In Florida, you have to have your concealed carry permit for the knives, as they can potentially be lethal. No permit necessary for the pepper spray, because its non-lethal (DUH).

I have to say, I like the feel of the knife. It only has a 2" blade, and the blade runs the whole length of the knife, so its very sturdy. When you pull the knife out of the holster, it is completely ready to use, so no pulling or tugging like a normal pocket knife. Plus, my hand fits perfectly around the grip, and leaves no room that either (1) my hand isn't covering and (2) isn't crazy sharp. I also like how I could grab it with either hand, and depending on how you grab it, you could have it ready to stick someone coming up behind you.

The Pepperblaster is a new design from Kimber, the other one was just more rectangle-shaped. This one is very light to carry, a little bigger than my iPhone, and probably twice as thick. Easy to stick in a pocket or whatever though.The little white piece you see in the picture is the safety. It swings from side to side, but stays pretty sturdy in the middle. The trigger has a 6-pound pull, so it won't just go off in your purse. The best part, I think, is that it is a gel, and each shot (only 2 per blaster) comes flying out at 90 mph, so no spray-back in your face if its windy. I watched a YouTube video using the old model, and it really does kinda knock someone back. It shoots red dye, so you can see immediately if someone is hit. Its made of, essentially, oil and crazy intense cayenne pepper. And it has sights like a real gun! If nothing else, using this Pepperblaster you enough time to run away, or go for another weapon and line up your sights.

I really hope everyone out there carries something for their safety, even if its just one of those $5 pepper sprays that looks like a fountain pen. Something! Crazy people gonna be crazy, so make sure you are prepared!

I think we are looking at making some gun purchases post-bar exam, so I'll keep y'all posted with what we end up getting!

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Amie said...

I don't carry anything. I live in Chicago, and I walk through a somewhat sketchy area of town to get home - I've felt nervous once or twice, and I'm very glad that nothing's ever happened. That said, it's illegal to carry here. I've heard that even pepper spray is illegal. Lots of people advocate wasp killing spray as a pepperspray alternative. I've thought about it, but I also don't feel like living in fear. And lord knows I'm not organized enough to carry something around anyway, and I'd never find it fishing through my purse if I needed it!