Its about that time again...

...were we break out the running shoes and dig deep for some motivation to jump back on the skinny train. Or the not-as-fat-as-I-am-now-that-will-maybe-one-day-be-skinny-before-I-die train. I did this to myself back in July when I studied for the bar exam, just let myself go and gained a ton of weight. Literally, like a ton. I now weigh over 2000 pounds.

Anyway, things are getting weird. LIke, my wedding ring isn't fitting so good. And shoes are hurting my feet again. And I had to move back up to my fat pants size. And, since ya gotta start sometime, Monday is that time. I've decided to do the couch to 5K program, because I used to like to run and now I haven't run in, geez, probably 6 months?

BC and I went and bought some awesome new shoes. After lots of research and input from Twittery friends, I settled on these babies:
These are my shiny new Vibram FiveFingers Bikilas. They are pretty much awesome, and I love wearing them. Its like walking barefoot. I can already tell I have a bad walking gait, because my heels hurt when I take them off. 
This is the pair BC selected:
His are almost the same type as mine, the Men's Bikila LS. We've had fun wearing them around, people definitely have given some weird looks. I wore mine to the range yesterday and someone pointed them out.

Anyway, its time to make that change again. I can't keep spiraling down my sad McDonalds existence. I look at my wedding pictures and get sad. 

So, tomorrow it begins!!

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EH said...

Yay! I love mine and I'm so envious that you get to wear yours -it's too cold for us right now.