Second day and so forth

I didn't catch up on the second day of the Bar like I should have, but here it is quickly...

The second day SUUUUUCKED. The MBE was so awful. The morning I barely finished. The afternoon I finished about 40 minutes early and just totally left. I don't go back and go over answers, unless it was just one I completely left blank. I have a bad habit of changing answers and missing them.

I got stuck on the bus back to the hotel with a huge douchebag. One of those that knows everything, can't be told anything, etc. When we got back to the hotel (my Dad had already loaded up the car and was ready to go), I was telling my Dad how annoying the guy was and how I was about to hurl myself from the bus if we didn't get back. Annnnnd, the guy was totally right behind us the whole time. I had to laugh :)

Anyways, I was SOOOO glad to get back home. No offense Tampa, but you suck because of what you mean to me. The end.

I was actually super excited to get back to work. I got to move into a new office WITH A WINDOW which is totally awesome! I don't work in a cave anymore!!!! yayyyyyyyy

Plus, the secretaries got me a welcome back gift!! PW's cookbook!!! SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

In other news, we FINALLY got our first gun!! It is the Sig Sauer P238 that BC wanted, because nobody in the state of Florida or the internet can seem to keep the one I want in stock. So, here is our new addition:

We went to the range today to break in the gun, and we went through 2 boxes of ammo in no time!! The gun shoots so smooth, hardly any recoil, and is really easy to load and clean. I love it! And I can't wait to get mine!!

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